Working closely with an established leader in business expense management to help them conceptualize innovative ways to tap into the consumer segment.
Design Lead
Strategy, Design


Founded in 2008, Expensify was already a household name when they came to MetaLab for assistance with design and strategy. Being leaders in helping companies with corporate expense management and business travel, they wanted to explore new ways their technology could bring value to users, specifically in their lives outside of work.

From the start, we worked directly with their team including their head of design and CEO. Our main focus throughout the engagement was to help brainstorm new use cases and design proof of concepts. That being said, we also took the opportunity to try and push the boundaries of their existing visual aesthetic through the conceptual work as well.
Workshopping with the Expensify team.
Sketching early on to spark ideas.


To nail down the project scope, our team traveled to Expensify's Portland HQ and spent a few days workshopping with their team, where we brainstormed ideas and sketched out early thoughts. Then, after evaluating our ideas against business goals and user needs, we landed on 3 use cases to design for — splitting meals, group trips, and shared roommate expenses.

After leaving Portland, our team worked with the Expensify team in weekly sprints to come up with design concepts for each use case. At the end of the engagement, we were able to successfully hand off completed concepts for all 3 ideas to their team, which they took to further test and iterate on.

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